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It's simple. We help you build the best version of you in a fun and simple way, through an all-in-one lifestyle & wellbeing app.

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Build the best version of you with our all-in-one lifestyle & wellbeing app designed to help you achieve your goals (the fun & simple way).
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Transform your Lifestyle (the fun way)

Join habit challenges, track your habits and build relationships through streak leaderboards with the click of a few buttons.

Your Life, Your Way: Your goal is the destination, your habit is the car. Work on habits by yourself or make it easier by working with your friends & family.

Gamify Everything: Working on your goals can be boring and draining, we make that process fun and easy by making it feel like a game.

We Bring Wellbeing & Lifestyle together...

All you need all in one place. No need to go get a habit tracking app or a workout app, we have all the key wellbeing tools seamlessly integrated onto a simplified app.

Habit Tracker

Track your habits, set reminders, make change easy!

Habit Challenges

Join Habit Challenges set by friends and work together to grow!

Habit Streak Leaderboard

Improving with others is more fun! Compete with your friends to stay accountable!

Mindset Journal

Use this as your personal spot to release your thoughts, gain perspective and reduce anxiety.

Personalised Workouts

Get a personalised workout program, with exercise video instructions to guide you and track your progress.

Breather Timer

Reduce anxiety and gain mental clarity with this app dashboard  timer.

Don’t just take our word for it

We asked people to try LifeSet before launching:

"I work from home 8-6 most days. LifeSet is the perfect app because I am able do home workouts, monitor habits and take care of myself."


"I feel like i'm able to take control of my life with LifeSet. Habits, Workouts, Personal diary all there in one place makes improving so much easier."


"Love this! Since having a baby, I have no time and I feel so disorganised. LifeSet is an amazing tool to take control of life again"


"I have ADHD and I struggle to organise my mind but LifeSet is a gamechanger for organising and making everything really clear."


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